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Important Update: The majority of beginner ESL Materials are moving here!

For the beginner study materials, please choose: ESL Beginners (완전초보) at:

Bondaygee's English is for just about everybody.  But I must admit, I had a lot of natural enthusiasm for teaching children.  Much of that came from my Grandmother, who was my best teacher.
Anyways, after several years of teaching at different schools, I finally made my institute in Cheongju back in 2003.  It was there that I developed the first part of my ESL system.  Before, the Very Good Words were born, I made a series of lessons, which targeted new English learners.
Lessons start right from the beginning with Alphabet and Phonics.  Next it moves on to basic English Questions, Essential Verbs, Small Talk questions answers, etc.  I'll post all of that once I finish uploading the Very Good Words sections.
First start with mastering the Alphabet and the phonics:
Next try this fun series of study videos we made for Sejong Elementary School in Seoul.  These study songs are roughly based on the curriculum of the popular English Time text books.
Language of the Day#1 금주의영어
 Language of the Day#2 금주의영어
Language of the Day#4 그주의영어
Language of the Day#5 금주의영어
Language of the Day#6 금주의영어
Language of the Day#7 금주의영어
Which one is correct?
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