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The Tadpole Song (올챙이송)

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The Tadpole Song

Hey ESL Teachers! (영어 선생님 여기 봐요!) Are you looking for a good song to teach at your English Camp?  Look no further.  The perfect song is here with it's lyrics for studying:  The Tadpole Song (올챙이송 영어버전)  Here's the story. I was asked at one summer camp at 성북초등학교 to make an English Version of the 올챙이송.  I did it quickly in an hour and it turned out very well.  Here it is:

To Download or Watch the Tadpole Song Click here!


Teaching English Through Video

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Hey ESL Teachers, have you tried teaching ESL with video yet? If not, I'd like to recommend it.  There are many great benefits of teaching in this way, which is why I started doing it back in 2002.

Best ESL Games

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Hello ESL Teachers and Friends.  How are your classes?  Would you like a little help in making it better?  Try using some of these fun games to liven up your class.  I taught in Korea for more than ten years and my success had a lot do with the fun teaching style I used and innovated.

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