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jamesiconHow would you like to learn English at the speed of light?
 That's exactly what happens when students come out here.  We hang out full time, have fun and the learning never stops.  It's like a direct download of language and culture.  If you're looking for a great place, Kelowna is the place to go!

Please don't go to Vancouver!  Vancouver is an overcrowded, traffic nightmare! 너무 너무 복잡해요!  Kelowna is so beautiful and peaceful.  We also have the best beaches in Canada along with fruit trees and orchards everywhere!  In the summer, eat as many cherries you want.  Here in Kelowna we also have one of the most beautiful, natural landscapes in everyone's backyard!

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"Sometimes you can forget how beautiful Kelowna is until you see it again through the eyes of a foreigner....."
-James Purdie
As my Korean nephew, Jihoon, came from overseas for a return visit to Canada, 8 years older than the last visit, things couldn't have been worse.

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