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What is Bondaygee's Very Good Words?


Bondaygee's Very Good Words is an:

Essential English Vocabulary Building and Pronunciation Mastering Series.


Presently there are eight vocabulary videos that have been made, which includes more than 300 of the most essential words and expressions for speaking English today. This work also represents twelve years of my life teaching ESL with a passion to Korean people.

What's great about Bondaygee's Very Good Words is that:

  • You can quickly and easily learn today's most commonly used English words and expressions!
  • You will be able to memorize each list of words in about 2 minutes of your time!
  • As you sing and practice, you will achieve perfect pronunciation and confidence in speaking these vital words in public!  (Using a Konglish variation of an English word is unnacceptable and not even understandable in the real English World).
  • Because they are set to music, these word lists will stay alive in your memory forever!
  • If you ever need to review a list of words, it only takes 2 minutes!
  • Because this study is mixed with music, it's extremely inspiring and satisfying.  It's almost like doing a yoga workout to start your day or class! Positive Energy!
  • This system was made for Koreans! However, people studying the Korean language can easily learn the 한국말 word associations, just as I did!  Now how's that for 'killing two birds with one stone?'
  • For each set of words, there is also a series of "practical sentences" read by myself and a native Korean speaker, which you can study too on our website (to be posted in a few days)!
  • Finally I will also be setting up online tests for each series of words, which you can practice until you're perfect!

Here's a sample of the first video below.  You can download the whole system free as a gift right here:  I've had fantastic results with this series at public schools in Korea.  I will share all of that and how I did it in an upcoming article with a lot of video footage, which I documented at the time.




Why use the Bondaygee System?

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Bondaygee's English

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Bondaygee Advantage

Would you like to know what the "Bondaygee Advantage" is?

Imagine every class in your school, whether it be High School or Elementary School, all competing to see who can be the first to memorize all of Bondaygee's Very Good Words™ study videos! As a matter of fact, it's been done before and I can honestly tell you the results were astonishing!! How was is it done? Easy, just start off each class with one of Mr. Bondaygee's Very Good Words Videos! They are full of energy and they only take two minutes to practice and sing. Because these essential English Words are strung together like "pearls" on a musical string, they are piece of cake to memorize. Now when you have every classroom all competing to be the first to memorize the words, the learning pace becomes phenomenal!
What's so good about Bondaygee's Very Good Words™?

Well they embody all 12 years of my sincere and passionate efforts towards teaching ESL to people in Korea. In short, after teaching at many schools and businesses for several years, I came up with some important ESL teaching discoveries: 

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Teaching Discoveries

1.  Most teaching methods are boring to students.

2.  People learn things one day and forget the next. ("In one ear and out the other").

3.  People never master the pronunciation of new words when they've merely 'brushed over' new topics.

As a result of my diligent studies in ESL learning, (and also a UBC Degree in Psychology/English), I began to create large lists of the most commonly used words today.  Words, most essential for modern conversation. Seriously, once you get these words in your mouth you can communicate with most English people. After using these word lists for daily dictations, however, I realized it was too boring. And that's exactly when I came up with the idea of singing the word lists and making them into videos!

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Test Results


I was very shocked at the results of my efforts.  Students were suddenly able to memorize huge lists of words (even a hundred) all in one day!! But the most remarkable thing about this new system I created was the fact that as the students kept singing these songs, memorizing the words, and incorporating them into their daily English, their pronunciation was perfect!!!So how did it help at the public school? It was at Kwang Nam Elementary School in 2006 and honestly, it was so incredibly inspiring for myself and the students that I could hardly believe it!!! The amazing thing is I documented most of the experience with video footage, which I'll be posting a bit later.

So, the end result? By the end of the year, not only had my ten classes of grade 3 students all learned their government textbook, but most of them had memorized an additional 200+ study words from my study songs.  Here's the comments from the head English teacher, Mijung Lee, from Kwang Nam.

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KwangNam Recommendation

May this letter serve as a personal letter of reference for James Purdie.

James taught in our school, Kwang Nam Elementary for a 1 year term. During which time he worked with a high degree of professionalism, diligence and enthusiasm for his work.

Of particular interest to our school, was the way in which James worked his own study ideas and educational music videos, which he had created himself for students. With his exciting way of teaching, he inspired students to not only learn our curriculum but at least an extra 200-300 words from his own additional lessons!

In the end of year, the students had voted him as the top foreign teacher at our school. He also did an excellent job at our yearly, summer camp.

If you wish discuss James’ work any further, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely, Mijung Lee,
Head Teacher
Kwang Nam Elementary School Seoul,
South Korea This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Very Good Words#1

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Bondaygee's English - Bondaygee's Very Good Words
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Very Good Words#1

The Whole Bondaygee ESL System is now free and better organized! Click here!

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