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The Tadpole Song (올챙이송)

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The Tadpole Song

Hey ESL Teachers! (영어 선생님 여기 봐요!) Are you looking for a good song to teach at your English Camp?  Look no further.  The perfect song is here with it's lyrics for studying:  The Tadpole Song (올챙이송 영어버전)  Here's the story. I was asked at one summer camp at 성북초등학교 to make an English Version of the 올챙이송.  I did it quickly in an hour and it turned out very well.  Here it is:

To Download or Watch the Tadpole Song Click here!



0 #2 Kim jiyoung 2013-03-10 15:44
I'm really glad you made an English version. It's so cool and so fun.

We use it at our ESL School.
0 #1 Choi myonghi 2013-03-10 15:34
Thank you Mr. Bondaygee for helping us learn English in such a fun way!

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